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    Ksreesailam Ksreesailam
    Purchase requisition & Purchase order Work flow setup
    Topic posted May 10, 2019 by Ksreesailam KsreesailamGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Setup 
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    Purchase requisition & Purchase order Work flow setup
    Purchase requisition & Purchase order Work flow setup


    I would like to know where we can enable/disable Requisition and Purchase order workflow. we already configured the workflows for PR and PO. But we want to know is there any flag where we have to enable like For AP invoice workflow we enable the check box "Enable invoice approval" in the Manage invoice options task. Similar way do we have any configuration we need to turn on/off for PR and PO approvals?







    • Suman Guha

      Hi Kiran,

      May I ask what business problem you are trying to solve with such a setup?



    • Ksreesailam Ksreesailam

      External Auditors team asking this question and i couldn't find any such configuration in the system. so trying to understand where we do such setup.

      • Suman Guha

        Think we would like to understand the business use case. Can you please find out from these external auditors what's driving this?

        • Ksreesailam Ksreesailam

          During SOX meeting they have asked this question. For AP invoice and payment approval we can enable/disable the approvals. similar way is there any config do we have for PR and PO approval.

    • Leaman Crews

      I don't think that approvals for requisitions and POs can be disabled, like they can with AP invoices in the business unit setup. Approvals are a key component of the requisition process, and this is reflected in the application infrastructure.

      If one wanted to effectively disable the approval workflow, it could be set to where all requesters have a high enough dollar amount so that they could self-approve everything. Also, the rules in BPM could be configured in a way to where everything is auto-approved. But these are the only ways I think this approval process could be "turned off."

    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Kiran,

      Oracle Purchasing Cloud offers the ability to bypass approvals for purchase orders backed by requisitions for which the price has been negotiated by the requester. More details on the link below:



      • Ksreesailam Ksreesailam

        Thank you Ivan.

        Similar way do we have any configuration available for Purchase Requisitions as well?




        • Jim Van Tongerloo

          Hi Ksreesailam,

          Approvals for Requisitions/Procurement can only be 'disabled' by just inserting 1 rule with 'automatically approve'.

          Or to set all your rules to 'Ignore' in BPM.

          There is no general 'switch off' checkbox or functionality, like you may have in AP. At least not to my knowledge.


    • Sanoj Sudheera

      Hi Kiran,

      There is no such option to enable/disable wrokflow in PR/PO like we have in AP.

      However,  you can use one rule for enable automatic approval for all PR/PO or to set all PR/PO rules to "Ignore" in BPM work list.