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    Sujana Duggineni
    Service Cloud UI extensions & Set up
    Topic posted September 24, 2017 by Sujana Duggineni, last edited September 24, 2017 
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    Service Cloud UI extensions & Set up


    I have couple of questions below on service cloud extensions.

    a) How can we provide UI extentions to service cloud post integrating with other applications?

    b) How to set up service cloud instance locally for gaining hands on experience?

    c) Can we extend service cloud UI using Visual Builder Cloud Service? If it was done anytime, could you please point me to relevant documentation links?

    d) What are the various approaches to build quick UI on service cloud instance?




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    • Scott Harwell
      • You can extend the Agent Console UI through .NET add-ins.  There are a number of UI-specific add-in templates (ribbon, workspace, menus, etc.), but nearly all of those can create other UIs through WPF.  Take a look at the example templates to get started.  There are a number of ways to extend the BUI UI as well through workspace and site-bar extensions.  The capabilities are different since the UI is in a browser, but you still have quite a bit of flexibility.
      • You cannot setup a "local" instance; OSvC is a cloud application.  The .NET agent console does install some runtimes locally, but it requires a cloud connection to operate.  But, if you are a customer or Oracle partner, then you can get a test instance to develop and test against.
      • Maybe.  I'm not aware of anyone extending the OSvC UI with VBCS, yet.  I think that in the short term, your BUI extensions and .NET add-ins are going to be the most flexible approach.
      • Depends on the UI that you want to build, what it needs to do, how it needs to operate, and what console (.NET or BUI or both) that it needs to exist in.  Since there is no cut-and-dry approach to all UI development, typically, an SI will help gather business requirements regarding your UI needs and provide a recommended approach based on what the use case is.
      • Brian Webb

        We just finished working with one of our customers to create a BUI plugin that agents will use to scan the employees barcode on their badge/id card using a scanner which then pops up the employee profile in BUI.   


    • Sujana Duggineni

      Thanks for your response Scott,

      What do you recommend Scot, on the easiest and fastest ways I can get an instance to work on? Typically i see getting cloud instances do take quite a bit of time to proceed further.