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    Shivani Roy
    Points to consider when importing supplier attachments using...
    Topic posted October 31, 2018 by Shivani RoyBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited October 25, 2019, tagged How-To, Import, Supplier Profile Management, Tip 
    Points to consider when importing supplier attachments using Import Supplier Attachments FBDI template.
    Here are some useful tips for importing supplier attachments using the supplier attachments import template:

    1. Pick the correct template as per your quarterly update. Refer to this post to access the correct FBDI template for your quarterly update:

    Where can I find FBDI Import templates for my current quarterly update?

    2. In general an import job can complete successfully and still have error status even if one of the records failed to import due to incorrect data provided. Check the report to ensure all attachments are    imported successfully and identify any failed records.

    3. The Supplier Attachment Import template contains three individual worksheets for importing supplier profile, supplier site and business classification attachments.The instructions to run the import are given in the ‘Instructions and CSV Generation’ worksheet of the import template.Do not delete worksheets corresponding to levels of attachments that you do not intend to import. Delete only the sample data from these unused worksheets.

    4. For a file attachment consider the following points:

    • Limit the number of attachments in each .zip file to less than 300.
    • Reduce the number of attachments in the .zip file even further if the .zip file size is more than 1.5GB. Use one or more zip files for each batch and use batch name as part of zip file name for ease of data entry in the spread sheet.
    • Execute import in multiple smaller batches as opposed to a single big batch to expedite the import process.
    • Make sure the zip filename matches the zip file uploaded in the UCM server.
    • Make sure the ‘File/Text/URL*’ column value in the spreadsheet has the full folder hierarchy of the attachment file inside the zip folder including subfolders if any. Take a look at the example below.

                             e.g: we have a zip file named:

                                    Subfolder: SupplierPolicies is a subfolder in the zip file

                                    File Name: Terms.doc is the file inside the subfolder

                                    Input for column ‘File/Text/URL*’: SupplierPolicies/Terms.doc

                                    Input for column ‘File Attachments .ZIP’:

    • Some of the special characters are currently not supported for a filename:

               <  >  *  ?  |  ;  "  :  /  \\  %  $  ( )


    Readiness training video is available for further reference: Supplier Attachments Import

    Tips on general supplier import: Supplier Import Tips