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    Narendra Yanamadala
    Notify Cancelled Lines on Engineering Change Orders
    Topic posted August 30, 2019 by Narendra YanamadalaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged OTBI, Product Lifecycle Mgt Analytics, Tip, White Paper 
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    Notify Cancelled Lines on Engineering Change Orders
    Identify duplicate sequence numbers on BoM that causes cancelled line on Engineering Change Order

    Issue Description :

    When the Change Analyst(CA) performs BoM redlines on an Engineering Change Order(ECO) he could accidentally assign the same sequence number to multiple BoM components. Currently, there are no checks/validations that are defined OOB to identify duplicate sequence numbers on a BoM. When the Change Analyst fails to correct this issue before the ECO is Scheduled, the Change Order line is marked as "Canceled" and the system reverts the redline changes on the BoM automatically. The CA remains uninformed about the canceled lines and this is a gap with the current product. This issue can be easily fixed by notifying CA so that he/she can reprocess the BoM on a new ECO. 

    Tip : 

    Step 1: Build an Analysis in Oracle OTBI to list all canceled lines on an ECO.

    Step 2: Schedule the Analysis with BI Agent for recipients and subscribers.



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    • Thiyag

      Thanks for sharing..

    • Narendra Yanamadala

      This duplicate sequence number issue that caused stuck Change Orders has now been resolved. Starting with 19C release, the system checks for duplicate sequence numbers while allowing you to re-use sequence number from a withdrawn component on an already existing component in BoM. The need to schedule the above-discussed job is now inrrelevent.