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    Matt Varughese
    What is the difference between Taleo Connect Client...
    Topic posted July 12, 2018 by Matt VarugheseSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Taleo 
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    What is the difference between Taleo Connect Client (TCC) and ICS
    Want to know difference between TCC and ICS

    Looking for features that are different between the 2 products.




    • Kishore Gollapalli


      TCC is a client application runs locally on your machine using which you can perform bulk import or bulk export of data from Taleo(OTAC) instance. So it is solely dedicated with one application i.e Taleo. 

      ICS/OIC is iPaaS used for integrating any SaaS (SFDC,HCM,workday..etc)as well as on premise application,systems etc. 

    • Scott Gallup

      While I can't speak to ICS here is our experience with TCC for those of you considering your platform.

      We use Taleo Connect Client with scripts provided and maintained by an Oracle Partner, The Cloud Connectors. We host the integration server on prem.

      New Hire Sync (TEE > HCM)
      We use the workflow feature to determine when onboarding integrations should occur. We have a three-pass onboarding process.

      • First pass occurs as soon as an applicant's step/status is changed to 'hired'. This exports base new hire data to HCM to allow network login ID generation.
      • Second pass is triggered by moving step/status to 'onboarding'. The exports the dozens of fields to HCM required to create an employee record. 
      • Third pass pulls I9 data once available.
      • The exports from Taleo to HCM rely on HDL (HCM Data Loader), making error investigation and resolution difficult. The vendor created scripts to pass errors back from HDL but, because of the nature of HDL, errors are cryptic and require some knowledge of the underlying HCM database structure.

      HCM Sync (HCM > TEE)
      We have multiple synchronization jobs importing data from HCM to Taleo. These use SOAP to pull data from HCM via BIP reports. Logic in the data models determine data to be pulled down to the integration server. A Net Change process runs on the server to compare current data pull with previous data pull and uploads the delta to Taleo. We currently integrate OLF (department) structure, job templates, employees, and candidates. There is logic in place to set Taleo User Type based on HCM employee type.

      TCC Upgrades
      Upgrades to TCC involve not only the new release provided by Oracle but also include required script changes provided by the vendor. The upgrade process was more time-consuming and fragile than we had expected. Our most recent upgrade from took 3 people a combined total of ~72h, incl regression testing, over the span of a week. There is no install packet. Each script must be updated individually and are sensitive to the version of TCC being installed.

      Process Stability
      20% - 30% of all new hires fail on load. This in spite of over a year of ad hoc research and tweaking with IT staff and vendor.
      A significant portion of the errors are due to the lack of address validation in Taleo. When exported to HCM we've seen failures on postal code (whether in format or mismatch between postal code and city/state), state abbreviation, and invalid city/state combinations. Other common errors have been traced to offers rescinded and then re-extended with earlier start date, invalid SSN, invalid phone.

      • Matt Varughese

        Thanks for that reply.

        Do you guys send integrations on positions from HCM to Taleo?  If so, how do you handle the number of vacant positions to pass to Taleo and how does Taleo know how many vacant positions the requestor can request?