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    chidambaram CT
    Business rule not firing for few contacts
    Topic posted March 23, 2018 by chidambaram CTBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Business rule not firing for few contacts

    Few hundred contacts are created through customer portal every day. I have written business rule to turn on the flag, when contact is created through customer portal.(Ref attachment)

    When I check rule log, business rule did not fire for 1 or 2 contacts.  I am sure all these contacts are created through customer portal.

    What could be the reason?



    • Anuj Behl


      Could you explain what the first condition in your rule does? It seems unnecessary since when a contact creates, the business rules are triggered immediately. I can't see why that condition would be required. If you are worried that the rule might process contact updates, use Rule States for that. 

    • Suresh Thirukoti

      1st condition itself looks dodgy....better you "transition" so you can have states like

      • Created
      • In Progress
      • Final state
    • Luuk

      If you go to Configuration -> Logs, there's an option called Rule log.
      You can use that to see which rules have been run for a specific item.
      Does the rule pop up there?

    • chidambaram CT

      To answer Anuj question, yes I want turn on the flag when contact is created through CP.

      Remember, I have other business rules to process in the intial state.Like if contact is created through Agent desktop then turn on some other flag. This rule is the first rule 
      in the initial state.

      Created New state "CP create"  and add the first condition  and in the then condition which one to add  either transition state and continue = initial (This may form cycle)  
      (or) transition state and stop?

      To answer luuk, yes,  I have checked rule log, rule is not firing for few contacts.

    • Suresh Thirukoti

      I think alternatively why not use Hooks like Post_contact_create or Update, set the custom field..if its exclusively only for CP


    • Anuj Behl

      Chidambaram, no need to create another state if you are already working in Initial state.

      Initial state can work for all contacts that are created, irrespective of the source. You can have this rule with your other rules in the initial state, I don't think it would interfere. If it does, we can fix that but no need to create another state. Ideally, a state would have many rules in it processed sequentially and the last rule would transition the record to another state.

      Also, I would not recommend hooks for a task like this which can be easily done by configuration.


    • Kurt Helfrich

      I'm not sure how the comparison math works.  Does it look at the number of elapsed seconds from creation to rule firing, or does it compare the minutes of the timestamp of creation with the minutes of the time that the rule is fired?  Did you try using 0 or 1 minute instead of just 0?  I'm thinking that if the timing crosses a minute boundary, it might not fire for 0 minutes, a kind of race condition.  

      There are any number of ways to do something like this - CPM would work, too, but I think rules are most convenient and ought to be workable.

      FYI, we added rule log tabs in contact and incident workspaces because we have a lot of rules, and troubleshooting them is frequent for us, but very painful if you have to go back and forth to that rule log report.  Here's an example contact rule log tab report for anyone who is interested.  We hide the rule log tabs from everyone except admins.

    • Suresh Thirukoti

      @Anuj - Hooks are alternative as mentioned so it doesn't mean overriding the simplest option of all- Business rules....Alternative options are always available for the user to decide which one to go...

    • Anuj Behl

      Suresh, I don't disagree with you on capabilities of hooks. I was just saying that for the task mentioned, business rules would be a better choice. Sure, maybe if the functionality gets complex in future, then Hooks can be the only option, since we know how flexible the rules are :).

    • Anuj Behl

      The report is a great idea, Kurt. Thanks for sharing.

    • Saravanan Sekar

      Hi Chidambaram,


      Please check the Source of the contact then you can come to know what would be the issue. If the source is same as you mentioned in the business rule then there is a problem with 1st Condition Contact.created.

      If you can't trouble shoot the issue Raise SR with Oracle or go with Hooks/CPM.