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    Marko Knezevic
    Supplier Descriptive Flexfields Context problems
    Topic posted February 14, 2019 by Marko KnezevicBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged How-To, Supplier Profile Management 
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    Supplier Descriptive Flexfields Context problems
    Supplier Descriptive Flexfields Deployment to Sandbox problem, Context problem

    Our customer requirement is to have some additional information for the Suppliers, so we tried to use Supplier Descriptive Flexfields to achieve that.

    We have edited the Supplier Descriptive Flexfields POZ_SUPPLIERS, added Context and 2 Context Segments that we want to display on Supplier Profile to collect data.

    Wanted to Deploy the Flexfield to Sandbox first to test but the following problems occured:

    Step 1 Setup and Maintenance => Manage Supplier Descriptive Flexfields
    Created Context1
    Created Context Segment 1 for Context1
    Created Context Segment 2 for Context1
    Save and Close

    Step 2 Deploy Flexfield to Sandbox

    click Deploy Flexfield POZ_SUPPLIERS to Sandbox
    get the following warning: The POZ_SUPPLIERS flexfield will be deployed to the following sandbox for testing purpose: FF__POZ_SUPPLIERS__10044_DFF
    Sign Out , Sign In
    I am not in the Sandbox FF__POZ_SUPPLIERS__10044_DFF
    The above mentioned Sandbox does not exist
    the POZ_SUPPLIER Flexfield Deployment status is "Deployed"

    Step 3 Show Context Sensitive Segments on Edit Supplier

    The Descriptive Flexfield status is Deployed (from Step 2)
    Procurement => Suppliers => click Supplier_Name => Edit
    The Descriptive Flexfield does not show on the page
    Settings and Actions => Edit pages => Structure => Component Properties: Descriptive Flexfield => Edit => Child Components
    "This component does not enclose any child components"

    Expected behaviour:
    Step 2. Flexfield Deployed to Sandbox only, Flexfield Deployment status = Deployed to Sandbox and after Sign Out and Sign in that sandbox should be Active
    Step 3. The Flexfield should be visible (Additional Information) on Edit Supplier and Supplier Registration Pages (internal and external) 

    Did anyone encounter these problems? Any advice?

    Thank you,
    Best regards




    • Piyush Singh

      Deploying DFFs does not require user to be in a sandbox. Once you have deployed the DFFs, you need to show the Additional Information region in the suppliers UI that the DFFs belong to. Showing this region in suppliers UI is done through page composer for which you need to be in a sandbox and once you are done with the change (to show the region), you need to publish the sandbox.

      Following this if you still are not able to get the DFFs visible, please share screen shots of all the steps you took.



    • Marko Knezevic

      I have attached a Word document describing my problem and also some screenshots for DFF Setup and the Edit Pages => Structure => Component Properties descriptiveFlexfield tabs.

    • Piyush Singh

      Trying to understand the issue here:

      1. You are not able to deploy the DFFs to a sandbox, right? If so, can you please share the steps you are taking to deploy the DFF to a sandbox?

      2. You are not able to make context segment DFF visible on the UI? If so, can you try to change the value of Mode to Context (screen shot 3) and apply. Verify if you see the value now? If you still do not, can you save the change like this and publish the sandbox and verify if you are able to see the context DFF now?

      Is there anything else that I am missing?



      • Marko Knezevic

        1. The steps are: Setup and Maintenance => Manage Supplier Descriptive Flexfields => POZ_SUPPLIERS => Action menu => Deploy to Sandbox (warning message, click ok) and the result is that the DFF Deployment status is Deployed instead Deployed to Sandbox.

        I have already described them in my first post (Step 2)

        2. This is correct. I can’t see the DFF Context Segments on the UI. Tried to apply the Mode blank, Global and Context but nothing has changed.

        can anyone try this DFF setup on other release than 19A, since my instance and demo are both19A? Could this be a problem/bug for 19A?


      • Marko Knezevic

        The Sandbox publish is not an option in this phase, I am setting this up for demo purpose (proof of concept).

        that is why I want the DFF to be deployed to Sandbox also. Having them on instance could cause problems with the client if they want to test something else regarding Suppliers.