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    Kenton Banyai
    Chat Inlay
    Topic posted June 25, 2019 by Kenton BanyaiRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Chat Inlay
    Need functionality of Inlay with customization of Live Chat

    I know Inlay Chat is a newer feature that was recently released. But I need a way to customize the fields. Is their a way to code Live Chat so that it is embedded in an Iframe on the webpage while also keeping it from disconnecting when refreshing the page or moving pages? I have tried changing some fucntions in ChatServerConnect to set this._startPersistentChat = true; but nothing seems to be moving it to a persistent chat state like chat inlay. Surely there must be a way to leech some of this functionality.



    • Willie Eide

      Not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish (aside from reengineering the persistence capability). 

      I would say if you need the full customization you'd want to build an iframe that is not embedded in the page but more on the "outer edge" of the application. Then when you do your page turns, you are turning the inter page and not the outer page (the iframe) 

      As far as leeching the functionality, the two product lines are independent of each other -- other than utilizing the same public backend chat APIs. 

      As for the chat inlay, what types of customization are you needing? I ask so I may compare that with other customer asks and possibly get it into the backlog for future updates to the inlay itself. Then we can service you with OOTB capabilities instead of you writing your own.