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    Geetha Amrutha
    Strict Priority on Round Robin Logged In Queue...
    Topic posted May 22, 2019 by Geetha AmruthaBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Strict Priority on Round Robin Logged In Queue Auto-Assignment
    How to apply strict priority on round robin logged in queue assignment


    We are trying to achieve a priority based auto-assignment on Round Robin Logged in assignment. We have arranged the queues in the list so that the top one is the higher priority one and selected Pull Policy as Strict Priority. But, on auto-assignment the priority is not being considered. 

    For example, consider there are two Round Robin (Logged In) queues - Tier 1 Queue, Standard Queue which are on the profile for auto-assignment. Pull Policy - Strict Priority. Pull Quantity - 1. Inbox Limit set - 10. 
    If there are 5 incidents waiting for assignment - 3 in Standard queue, 2 in Tier 1 queue.
    When a user logs in, the user is assigned to the incident that is first into the queue.
    But When a user logs in, we want the Tier 1 queue incidents to take precedence over the other ones in the waiting queue regardless of the creation order.

    Is this possible? How can the configuration be done?

    Appreciate your help.




    • Gursimran Singh Saini

      Pull policies have no affect on Round Robin Queues.

      You could try different solutions like Assignment through Business Rules.
      Or maybe keep one Queue Type as Standard and allow agents to use Fill Inbox on that Queue.

      You could try enabling 'Pull from Single Round Robin Logged In Queue' which pulls Incidents from the Queue which agents has been solving Incidents from.