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    My Receipts>Receive Items Purchase Order Field
    Topic posted September 3, 2019 by MerriHGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged How-To, Setup 
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    My Receipts>Receive Items Purchase Order Field
    Receive Items Field the Purchase Order field is not required

    In Receive Items screen for one user only the Purchase Order field is not required (does not have 2 stars) therefore when just entering the PO number receives error that the Requester or Entered by is not populated.  For all other users the PO field is required therefore are able to search just using the PO number.

    Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? 

    19B (11.13.1904.0)



    • Ashok

      Hi MerriH

      Yes, this happens because you have chosen Any Time as the time frame within which to search Receipts. The Receiving Team has introduced this additional attribute required constraint for the reason that you have chosen to search for receipts across time and that could result in a performance hit if it has to fetch potentially thousands of records.

      That is the reason you are asked to enter one more attribute. Change it from Any Time to anything else and this constraint should go away.

    • Babu Chalamalasetti

      If user chooses 'Items Due' as 'Any Time' then 'Purchase Order' is mandatory

      Else it is not mandatory, This is to improve the system performance...Development team must have made this as 'Purchase Order' as mandatory in case of 'Any Time'

    • Ashok


      You are right. Although that is the response that is previously provided (just the one above your post).