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    Michael Locurcio
    New to CoBrowse - Not working on Chat
    Topic posted June 10, 2019 by Michael LocurcioSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Chat, Co-browse 
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    New to CoBrowse - Not working on Chat
    Error - There are no active desktop screen-sharing sessions


    I recently was licensed for CoBrowse and have been sucessful in getting it running, except during a chat.

    I am testing with both Chrome and Edge, and in both cases, on the chat workspace, my Screen Sharing button is greyed out and the tab gives me the message: There are no active desktop screen-sharing sessions. 

    We have the Widget on the Chat page correctly and removed the depreciated one. Permissions are all setup ok, I am not sure what we could be missing. 





    • Jessica Bradley

      Hi Michael,

      Which Agent Console are you using -- the .Net Console or the Agent Browser User Interface?


    • Ashwin Venkatesh

      Hi Michael,

      Chat to Co-browse escalation for an agent is supported with .NET desktop today (equivalent capability with BUI is on our roadmap). Given that you are using the .NET desktop, and it is not working, would you have an existing SR that we can follow-up on with the support team for further troubleshooting/review?