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    Sandeep Kumar
    Welcome and password reset notification
    Topic posted May 18, 2019 by Sandeep KumarSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged HCM, Procurement, SCM, Security 
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    Welcome and password reset notification
    Welcome and password reset notification

    We have enabled SSO and we are going Go-Live Supplier Portal and Supplier will not come through SSO so welcome notification and Password Reset Confirmation should send only to Suppliers, not internal Employees, Currently, it's sending to the supplier as well employees


    Now we have a security issue that employee can reset the password (Passreset URL is already included in Welcome Notification) and login application without SSO



    • Joshua Vincent

      You will need to use the different security groups in the security console to trigger notifications for one group (suppliers) and not for the other (employees). Currently there is no way to default users by module creation basis (I.e., HCM vs supplier) to achieve this result automatically (a functionality gap); but there is a way to update via HDL or other integration. 

    • Kishore Padala


      You can categorize and segregate users based on the various functional and operational requirements. A user category provides you with an option to group a set of users such that the specified settings apply to everyone in that group.  

      Please refer to user categories : Explained section in the below DOC :

      Once you have categorized the users you can enable / disable the Notification Templates according to your requirement.

      You can refer to User-Name and Password Notifications section in the same DOC .

    • Abul Khair

      Hi Sandeep, 

      You can define a user category for suppliers and assign the category to all supplier users. Once you have defined a User Category for the suppliers you should be able to define the notification specific to that category. See the recording for more info.. 

    • Sandeep Kumar
      Thanks to all for responses but how can be auto assign custom user category on supplier one who created as users through supplier registration process.
      • Arshad Salman

        Leave "Default" category for Supplier users and change the User category for Employee users through HDL

        Below is the HDL for Changing employee users category


    • Sandeep Kumar


      Define a unique user category for supplier users, and automatically assign it when supplier user accounts are created. Support a different user name policy and a new user account notification for supplier users, versus for other types of users like employees.

      This is coming in 19D