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    Simon Haslam
    Setting up a Reserved Public IP on a OCI Load Balancer
    Topic posted June 24, 2019 by Simon HaslamRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Terraform, Virtual Cloud Network 
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    Setting up a Reserved Public IP on a OCI Load Balancer


    I'm setting up an OCI Load Balancer but want to put a reserved Public IP on it so that it's static in DNS.

    However I can't see how to do that in either Terraform ( or the console. I've been experimenting in TF with "ip_address" sorts of attributes, in case there's something undocumented, but with no success.

    Having a static IP on the front of your load balancer would seem like a very ordinary requirement, so am I missing something?






    • Ralf Ramge

      Hi Simon,

      you address something which is bugging since the LB service got introduced....  A public IP is assigned to you when the listener is created, you can't assign a reserved static IP during the listener creation.

      I really hope that somebody shouts "Oh we did that recently - the docs, training materials and terraform examples are simply out of date" now, but this is one of those minor details which can render a service unusable quickly and effectively sabotages many CD use cases.

      Just my two cents,