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    chidambaram CT
    Channel Options in Reporting filter
    Topic posted February 11, 2019 by chidambaram CTBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Channel Options in Reporting filter
    Channel Options

    In reporting Incidents.chan_id gives me many options. What is the difference between CSS E-mail & E-mail & MA E-mail? 




    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      ID 1 - Service mailbox
      ID 2 - Outreach (if you have any surveys or mailings)
      ID 9 - Not sure about id 9

    • Justin

      Standard channels—Traditional channels through which incidents are created and responded to. These include CSS Email (email submitted to a Service mailbox), MA Email (email submitted to an Outreach mailbox), Phone, Fax, Post, CSS Web (Ask a Question), MA Web (created by a campaign or advanced survey), Chat, and Email (responses sent to customers by email). Standard channels are most commonly used to reference incident thread sources that are configured in Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle RightNow Outreach Cloud Service, such as mailboxes, chat sessions, and campaign flow actions. 

    • Justin

      that means its just outbound emails from the service mailbox i believe


    • Sristy Arya

      Hi Chidambaram,

      1.Email (responses sent to customers by email)

      2.CSS Email  (email submitted to a Service mailbox)

      3.MA Email (email submitted to an Outreach mailbox)

      URL  :