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    How can I create a paid VBCS instance?
    Topic posted February 18, 2018 by Sten Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited July 12, 2018 by Arijit ChakrabortyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Services, Stage / Publish / DevOps 
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    How can I create a paid VBCS instance?
    How can I create a paid VBCS instance?

    I've signed up for a paid Oracle Cloud service in order to run VBCS. However, I'm unable to work out an easy way to actually create an instance.


    The documentation link from VBCS takes me to the Administering Oracle Integration Cloud manual, which tells me that VBCS is part of the Integration Cloud.


    The QuickStart "Integration Cloud - Customer Managed - Feature Set Integration and Process" says it includes VBCS, but also says that backup/restore is not supported. When I run this QuickStart, I don't get a VBCS instance and can't even create one afterwards because I don't have a storage container for backup.


    I can't find any documentation that tells me which steps to follow to create a VBCS instance from scratch in a paid account.


    Has anybody managed to actually complete this process? A link to some documentation of the steps to follow would be greatly appreciated.


    Best regards

    Sten Vesterli



    • Sten

      I have found a Cloud Stack Template "Oracle-VisualBuilder-CM-Template" but that requires me to provide a Cloud Storage Account Name.

      I've tried various entries here but have been unable to find one that works. Do I have to create a storage volume first? Has anybody gotten this to work and can share the steps?

    • Shay Shmeltzer

      The documentation is here:

      You need to have a storage instance and a database instance (with backup on) set first.

    • Sten

      Sorry, but that page ends in a 404

      Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 22.32.38.png

      Also, I can't find any documentation how to actually get a VBCS instance up and running. The VBCS doc ( ) assumes that the instance is already running, and the only doc about establishing an instance is the generic cloud documentation ( ) that doesn't provide any specifics about any service.

      Starting from a cloud dashboard, there is no VBCS Quick Start. If you choose Integration Cloud on a hunch, the documentation link takes you to Administering Oracle Cloud. Wading through the documentation, a prospective user will eventually find the information "Visual Builder is automatically installed with each feature set" in the section on Cloud Stack Templates, only that isn't true. If you install with the Oracle-IntegrationCloud-CM-Template template, you get a DB without backup, no VBCS and no way to install it.

      If you then try All Services > Visual Builder > Instances > Create Instance you get error message "Pre provisioning check failed because of the below reasons: Associated Services Check :This service requires a running instance of the following associated service type to exist: DBaaS - Database associated with the Visual Builder Cloud Service Ensure you have a running associated service instance before proceeding." However, there is no link to any documentation how to create that, and the error message doesn't explain that the DB need to be created with backup.

      If you then try to create a database with a Quick Start you will find that you still can't create a VBCS instance because all the quick starts are without backup.

      If you then try to create a database with a Custom Create Instance, you will find that even if you check the Create Cloud Storage Container checkbox and leave the default storage name (or try many others), you keep getting error message "Error: Creation of cloud storage container,, failed: Unexpected error occurred" and no clue as to what the error is.

      Shay, I believe VBCS is great, but Oracle is requiring super-human persistence of anybody who wants to conjure up a VBCS instance.

    • Shay Shmeltzer

      Sorry for the broken link - I believe they rolled out a doc update over the weekend with a special new chapter on instance setup here:

      There is also an admin guide book in the doc area:

      I'll forward your feedback to the cloud setup team.

    • Sten

      Thanks. Agree there must have been a doc update - I was looking for links to some kind of admin guide when I started trying to create a VBCS instance last week, but couldn't find them. Hopefully this doc will provide the info I need.

    • Kenneth Ganfield

      Thanks for the detailed description of your problems when trying to create an instance. The links that Shay posted are to the recently updated admin guides. We updated the instructions in the admin guides to hopefully make it easier to understand the steps and dependencies. We added the steps for using Oracle Stack templates. There are no Quick Starts available for VBCS at the moment, but we will update the guide when that is available.

      If you use the updated instructions in the guide, please let us know how it goes and if you run into any issues or anything is unclear or incomplete.

    • Sten

      I'm following the instructions in Administrator's Guide for Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service, chapter 3, "Creating an Instance with the Oracle Cloud Stack Template" (… ).

      It says: "Cloud Storage Account Name: Enter the storage container account name (for example, Storage-bjones). This account is automatically created when you purchase your universal credits. Do not enter the actual storage container name because the storage container is automatically created during stack template provisioning."

      I use Storage-svesterli

      My stack creation fails with

      Feb 22, 2018 5:22:25 PM UTC Service creation request accepted.

      Feb 22, 2018 5:22:25 PM UTC Initializing VBCS7D

      Feb 22, 2018 5:22:26 PM UTC Creation of resource database_backup_VBCS7D failed.

      Feb 22, 2018 5:22:26 PM UTC Creation of resource vbcs_backup_VBCS7D failed.

      Feb 22, 2018 5:23:26 PM UTC Aborting operation since the following service dependencies have failed [vbcsBackupContainer]

      Feb 22, 2018 5:23:26 PM UTC Initiating rollback of service VBCS7D due to creation failure.

      Feb 22, 2018 5:23:26 PM UTC Creation of stack VBCS7D failed.

      Feb 22, 2018 5:23:27 PM UTC Resource dbaasBackupContainer does not support action DELETE, Skipping op.

      Feb 22, 2018 5:23:27 PM UTC Resource vbcsBackupContainer does not support action DELETE, Skipping op.

      Feb 22, 2018 5:23:27 PM UTC Resource processing complete for the deletion action.

      Obviously, I'm not able to follow the instructions successfully. Could you shed some light on exactly how I can figure out what the right Cloud Storage Account Name is?

    • Sten

      I've also tried to follow the instructions in Administering Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service in a Customer-Managed Environment, chapter 3, "Creating an Instance with the Provisioning Wizard" (… ).

      I can create a database with backup to storage container I then try to create a VBCS instance, selecting the PDB from my Cloud DB instance. The instructions say


      Cloud Storage Container: Specify the container name using the following format:


      I use Storage-svesterli/VBCS7D and check the checkbox to have such a storage container created.

      The create process fails with

      PSM-LCM-01008 Unable to create service: The request cannot be processed due to an unexpected condition.

      ERROR: Creation of cloud storage container, Storage-svesterli/VBCS7D, failed: Unexpected error occurred

      [Internal Error - [checkReservedSecuredAdminPort]]

      [Internal Error - [checkValueSetforJdk7MSJVMArgs]]

      [Internal Error - [checkReservedSecuredContentPort]]

      [Internal Error - [checkVmPublicKey]]

      [Internal Error - [checkBackupVolumeSize]]

      [Internal Error - [checkIdentityTenancy]]

      [Internal Error - [checkDuplicatePorts3]]

      [Internal Error - [checkDuplicatePorts1]]

      [Internal Error - [checkDuplicatePorts2]]

      [Internal Error - [checkReservedContentPort]]

      [Internal Error - [checkReservedAdminPort]]

      [Internal Error - [checkReservedNodeManagerPort]]

      [Internal Error - [checkIfLbaasEntitlementIsPresentForAccount]]

      [Internal Error - [checkManagedServerCount]]

      [Internal Error - [checkMiddlewareVolumeSize]]

      [Internal Error - [checkReservedDeploymentChannelPort]]

      [Internal Error - [checkDomainVolumeSize]]

      [Internal Error - [checkValueSetforJdk8AdminJVMArgs]]

      [Internal Error - [checkValueSetforJdk8MSJVMArgs]]

      [Internal Error - [checkValueSetforJdk7AdminJVMArgs]]

      I can understand the error creating cloud storage if the value I provide is not correct, but I'm worried to see a long list of Internal Error.

      Obviously, I'm once again not able to follow the instructions successfully. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • Raghunathan Srinivasan

      HI Steve,

      Please let us know if you did the following step in the section on Prerequisites section,…

      "Perform the following steps to obtain the REST endpoint after you create your Oracle Storage Cloud Service instance:


      If this is the first Oracle Storage Cloud Service instance you have created, click the menu for Storage Classic in your Dashboard and select Open Service Console."


    • Sten

      Yes, I have opened the Storage Classic console (and selected georeplication policy).