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    Hong Gao
    Tips: Configure Supplier Outbound Synchronization Service
    Topic posted October 31, 2018 by Hong GaoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Tip 
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    Tips: Configure Supplier Outbound Synchronization Service
    Tips for configuring and setting up Supplier Outbound Synchronization Service

    Supplier Outbound Synchronization Service feature generates a supplier record snapshot for any external supplier repository to consume. When any update is made to a supplier record the system will generate a snapshot of the supplier record in an XML file and transport the document over HTTPS to a single server destination.  This post provides some tips on configuring and setting up the supplier outbound synchronization service.

    To configure the supplier outbound synchronization service, navigate to Setup and Maintenance work area and use task Configure Supplier Outbound Synchronization Service to define the server location of the service.  On the page, you will need to provide URL for your service and the username and password. 

    1. follow the URL example here:  This should be the URL for the service, not a link that points to the WSDL.
    2. provide a URL that starts with "https", as the XML file transferred is only done over HTTPS.
    3. the security policy is read-only and set as: oracle/wss_username_token_over_ssl_client_policy.  Therefore, please ensure that you have a SSL certificate that is issued by a valid Certification Authority.

    When the system generates supplier snapshot as mentioned above, the supplier profile data will be sent as a string (the string will be in xml format). Additionally, when creating and setting up the synchronization service, you can also refer to the sample xsd file in the reference link below.  The whitepaper in the same link also provides examples on setting up service interface java class as well as the WSDL for the service.

    Please note that supplier outbound synchronization service creates a snapshot of a supplier record.  It does not highlight changes. It does not include only the changed part of the profile either.  To track changes, please consider using supplier audit functionality.

    Reference: Supplier Outbound Synchronization Service (MOS login is needed to access the link.)