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    Customers: Important Read: Creating Ideas in the Ideas Lab
    Topic posted July 25, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 25, 2019, tagged FAQ, How-To 
    Customers: Important Read: Creating Ideas in the Ideas Lab
    Some guidelines to be followed when creating new ideas in the Ideas Lab


    Of late, a lot of you have shown tremendous enthusiasm in posting your ideas on the Ideas Lab. I want you to review the following guidelines to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit out of creating these ideas.

    Why create an idea:

    A. The primary reason is to communicate your business need in this forum. You have either thought of a potential change that is required in the application for you to use this better or align it better to your business flows and processes.

    B. The idea is not something that is so completely unique to your business alone but could also be useful to other customers.

    C. You see some gaps in a business process that we currently support that you feel if addressed could provide a more holistic solution

    I am sure there could be many more considerations. In order to maximize this opportunity, you need to be mindful of the following:

    How to create an Idea:

    1. Provide context of the business problem: Before you do anything else, think about the business problem you are currently facing. What is it you want solved through use of the application? Frame your idea around this central premise

    2. Explain the problem, not the solution you want: This is very important. Please don't focus on solutionizing the problem as the focus of your idea. We welcome your ideas on solutions. But what we want to understand, need to understand is the exact nature of the problem that you are facing when using the application or the exact nature of the functional gap you feel there exists

    3. Provide real life examples and use cases: In simple terms, explain what sort of users are impacted today because of the gap or the requirement. What is it that those users want to do that they are unable to. How is this impacting the business? 

    4, Primary Drivers for justification: Provide a clear picture on the primary justification of the idea. Does it save users time, improve efficiency, makes it easier to use or understand, introduces a feature that does not exist that completes the business cycle, etc.

    5. Support Template: I believe support provides the template that is needed to be completed for all new ideas. Please utilize this and configure your details in the template

    Issues I am observing in the Ideas Lab today:

    1. No functional details are given. Solution proposals are described. You have to trust that we can engage in potential solution discussions once we have a handle on the problem we are trying to resolve.

    2. Not enough clarity on the problem or its significance or importance to your business

    3. Justification on why this is needed and what is the result of not having it

    Please review these and ensure that the ideas you create adhere to these general common principles. We look forward to seeing more productive and helpful ideas to enhance our product.

    Also the Ideas Lab does contain a few ideas that are really well constructed and communicate what we are looking for here. I would ask that you review the Lab and seek those out. How would you know which is a good example? Well, it's like this: You will know it when you see it. Good luck!

    Thank you