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    Afolabi Sulaimon
    Agent Installation Failed!! Error While Checking Version...
    Topic posted October 28, 2019 by Afolabi Sulaimon, tagged Agent, Cloud, Connection, Integration, PaaS 
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    Agent Installation Failed!! Error While Checking Version Response
    ICS Agent Installation (191012.1400.31860)

    I seem to have run into a challenge with the ICS installation, i have created an agent group, proceeded to download connectivity agent, modified the InstallerProfile.cfg file, included the oic_url, agent group and proxy information. However, upon running the execution command (on windows 10) -java -jar connectivityagent.jar. It fails.

    Upon examining the log, i found this error 

    Agent Installation Failed !!! Error occurred while checking version response. HTTP 401 Unauthorized
    at org.glassfish.jersey.client.JerseyInvocation.convertToException(
    I have repeated the steps severally, the credentials are correct and the error still persists. Any suggestions/ideas on how to manage Agent installation with Proxy?
    ICS (191012.1400.31860)



    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      Please see if the proxy requires authentication or if your proxy is overriding the Authorization header.

      • Afolabi Sulaimon

        Yes, the proxy requires authentication, which is why i have specified the proxy authentication details in the InstallerProfile.cfg.

        However, i am not quite certain what you mean by "proxy is overriding the Authorization header

        Please clarify.

    • Amandeep Mahajan

      The request is failing with 401 which would imply the username/password used to bootstrap agent is incorrect. Whatever user is being used to install/re-start agent, make sure that the user/password is valid.

      You can use the PostMan or cURL to access the following API and ensure that it succeeds with 200 for the username/password. That will eliminate any bad user/password combination you may be using right now. 

      Option1 : (via PostMan or cURL)

      curl -k -X GET -u <USER>:<PASSWORD> https://<OICHOST>:443/icsapis/v2/environment 


      Options 2:

      Using a Chrome browser or any other browser https://<OICHOST>:443/icsapis/v2/environment 

      • Afolabi Sulaimon

        Hi Amandeep,

        i have tried your recommended option 2 with the same credentials and it was successful see the screenshot below:

        • Amandeep Mahajan

          Are you capturing username/password as part of InstallerProfile.cfg file or entering it as part of agent installation console. Wondering if you can re-run, accounting for any typo that may have occurred when specifying those during agent install... 

          • Afolabi Sulaimon

            Initially, i was capturing it in the console, then i proceeded to putting it in the InstallerProfile.cfg, just to avoid the possibility of mistyping the password and for both instances the issue still remains the same