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    (BUG?) Passing in Product/Category from URL does not...
    Topic posted January 13, 2010 by zynga_carlos Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    (BUG?) Passing in Product/Category from URL does not clear on Search

    We are moving to November 09 pages.

    I created this page:

    Which contains links from our various games (how they will be set in the games).

    This support link contains the game id as well as the social network id (Facebook, MySpace, etc.).

    We then want to preload the answers/list page with their game (product) and social network (sub product) and the gameplay category.

    When we pass them to the list page, I cannot disable the breadcrumbs and the advanced search does not let me choose a different category.

    autoload.js routes the pages using a switch statement.

    Code Snippet:



    • zynga_carlos

      I read this: and disabled the depreciated configs.  However, the advanced search still does not work properly.