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    Dhilip Kumar
    Report on Chart of Account Additions/Revision and...
    Topic posted September 23, 2019 by Dhilip KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Financials, General Ledger 
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    Report on Chart of Account Additions/Revision and Cancellation
    Report on Chart of Account Additions/Revision and Cancellation


    Do we have any seeded report in Fusion Financial which gives details information Chart of Accounts Additions/Revision or Cancellation or End dated in the system.

    I know we can extract the Code Combination details from UI but need report to see what Chart of Accounts are added/end date/revised in the system.




    • karthikeyan gopalakrishnan


      If Audit report feature is available for you, then please verify if the Audit report helps with information, you are expecting.

      Enabling the Attributes to get captured in Audit Report:

      In FSM task, Query Manage Audit Policy Task. Get into the task >> Click on the Configure Business Object button >> Choose Product: Oracle Middleware extension for Applications.

      Under Objects, Find > KeyFlexfieldServiceAM. Expand and check the Child - Key Flexfield. Goto the Right Pane. If no objects are listed already, click Create+ button, choose all values in the pop and Press OK.

      Actions on the COA should get captured in the Audit report, post this setup. You may enable the object in similar way, for other KFF objects.

      Navigate to Audit Report: Navigator > Audit Reports( one of the items in the Navigator list). get into the Page and in Search parameters,Choose the Product and Date accordingly and search.

      To be specific, Enter Product:Oracle Middleware extension for Applications, Date: appropriate, Business Object type:KFF,or any other apt type, Show Attribute Details>> All Attributes. This would show what was changed recently.

      Please ensure, you do not enable unnecessary objects, and get performance impacted. Also note that, Audit report might take time to reflect the changes. 

      Please lets know if this has helped your requirement.