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    Austin Clerkin
    "report not visible on this interface"
    Topic posted November 1, 2011 by Austin ClerkinGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited November 1, 2011 
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    "report not visible on this interface"

    I am attempting to create a page that displays a subset of answers based on their appearance in a specific report I have created. Unfortunately, I am receiving this message" "report not visible on this interface" from the widget when I attempt to view the page on my development interface. 

    1. Is the approach I am taking reasonable?
    2. Can customer-created reports be used as datasources for Customer Portal pages?
    3. Is my code "erroring out" with this message because this report is not accessible to the RightNow interface I am using, or because this report is inaccessible to Customer Portal?
    4. Assuming 2 is true, how do I enable access to this report?
    It may be helpful to note that we do have several interfaces.
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    • penni kolpin

      Hi Austin,

      Generally, you get this error if the report_id you are using is for a report that is associated with a different interface for your site.  That is, if you create the report in the admin console for interface A, then that report cannot be referenced from the CP pages for interface B.

      At the time an interface is cloned, it will also clone the custom reports so there may be a corresponding report in the new interface that is created.  To check this, go to the admin console for the interface that you are configuring the CP pages for and determine if a report exists in the Reports Explorer.  If it is there, grab that report ID.  If it isn't there, create or upload the report into that admin console.

      I'm not sure what you mean for question 2 about "customer-created reports" being used with CP.  So I may have missed something that you are trying to do.

      Penni Kolpin
      QA, RightNow