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    Ujas Bhatt
    Cash Basis Accounting (Modified Accrual) SLA's -...
    Topic posted April 3, 2019 by Ujas BhattSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, last edited April 24, 2019, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Budgetary Control, Cash Management, General Ledger, Public Sector, Subledger Accounting 
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    Cash Basis Accounting (Modified Accrual) SLA's - Setup
    Needs to account all transactions using cash based accounting


    I have a requirement to have cash-based accounting for all transactions so that financial statement can be obtained. if you have built already and do have an example, can you please share the setup (custom SLA's) and show how they have been used in the system?  Also, suggest best practices, scenarios and recommendations that you need to consider.





    • Linda Wong

      In SLA, you'll have to modify the accounting rule for AP invoices to not record the expense to the invoice distribution account.  And in accounting rule for the payment, you want to record the accounting to the invoice distribution account there.