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    Rudi van Heerden
    AP Invoive Approvals rules per spreadsheet
    Topic posted April 3, 2019 by Rudi van HeerdenRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    AP Invoive Approvals rules per spreadsheet
    How do I load rules with amout limits?

    How do I load rules with amount limits?

    Under $100 approved by approval group A

    Between $101 and $200 approved first by approval group A and then Approval group B

    Over $201 must go to Group A then B then C.


    We don't have HR implemented so need to only work on direct users of approval groups


    Thank you



    • Leaman Crews

      Basically you would need three rows in the spreadsheet, each with your preferred group method in the Approval Routing column (e.g., Group in Serial, Group in Parallel, Group First Responder).

      First row: Group/User/Role Name--Group A, Invoice Total <= 100 (that's "less than or equal to 100", not an arrow)

      Second row: Group/User/Role Name--Group B, Invoice Total > 100 (greater than 100)

      Third row: Group/User/Role Name--Group C, Invoice Total > 200 (greater than 200)

      Once the rule spreadsheet is uploaded and you try it out, you may have to adjust the priority of each step in BPM to get it to work right. For example, you may have to make step 2 a higher priority than step 3 so that invoices greater than $200 don't go straight to Group C.



      • Rudi van Heerden

        Thank you I will look at that, also have any of you had issues using the 'between' statements when using the spreadsheet to upload?

        When using the spreadsheet and i have the between command in, the rules keeps failing to load?