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    John Klinke
    October Release Update for Oracle Cloud Platform
    Announcement posted October 29, 2018 by John KlinkeBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Analytics, Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous NoSQL Database, Big Data, CASB, Content and Experience, Data Integration, Database, Database Backup, Developer, Exadata, Express and Schema, Identity, Integration, Internet of Things, Java, Management, Mobile and Intelligent Bots, Process Automation, Visual Builder 
    October Release Update for Oracle Cloud Platform

    We are pleased to announce new updates and enhancements to our comprehensive portfolio of PaaS solutions. A summary of Oracle Cloud Platform release updates for October 2018 are listed below. See Oracle Cloud Platform Documentation for more details.


    API Platform Cloud

    • New navigation menu sidebar has been introduced with options to access other pages. See details here


    Application Performance Monitoring (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager Control Center allows viewing DB related information application server


    Blockchain Cloud

    • REST proxy supports multiple customized Hyperledger Fabric enrollment certificates to invoke and query chaincodes
    • Now REST proxy supports OAuth 2.0 Access token-based authentication and Asynchronous REST API with Events
    • REST APIs were added to programmatically create an instance, manage channels, chaincodes, nodes & organization
    • You can create OABCS production instances to use the Kafka orderer type
    • Now OABCS deletes chaincode containers that are seldom or no longer used
    • The maximum message size that can be received between peers and orderers is 100MB
    • Now a certificateAuthorities (CA) section has been added to the connection profile
    • The Car Dealer sample has been updated to support rich queries


    CASB Cloud

    • You can now create custom policies to generate alerts for actions on identity objects
    • A set of 13 specific controls related to password complexity has replaced Single “Password complexity” security control
    • Now SSO application used to login to monitored application instance has been added to user login reports


    Configuration and Compliance (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • Oracle Database rule-sets will now execute up to 10x faster due to a change in evaluation processing
    • Center for Internet Security Certification has been achieved. See details here


    Content and Experience Cloud

    • OCI Storage Cloud Service Support for new Autonomous Content & Experience Cloud instances on OCI is now available
    • General stability improvements have been made to CEC 18.4.1 to enhance product use


    Event Hub Cloud

    • Now you can select the multiple availability domains at the time of provisioning to leverage High Availability feature
    • Key store Integration with Credential store - a key value pair repository of credentials used to access external systems
    • Now General Messaging System (GMS) can be used to facilitate asynchronous messaging between various services


    GoldenGate Cloud

    • Now you can create an Oracle GoldenGate Cloud instance with the Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 Microservices Architecture


    Infrastructure Monitoring (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • Now host prerequisite validation has been added during Cloud agent installation


    Integration Cloud

    New Common Features

    • Now Oracle Integration Cloud data objects can be exported from a user-managed to an autonomous environment

    New Integration Features

    • Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter now supports open interface tables and views as invokes (targets) in integrations

    New Process Features

    • Now use an automated tool to move process applications from PCS or another OIC instance to Oracle Integration Cloud
    • Forms editor can assign names to events, labels on repeatable sections and supports relational operations within events
    • Now you can easily keep integrations in process applications up-to-date. See details here
    • New information on Best Practices for Embedding Process UI Components is available. See details here

    New Visual Builder Features

    • The Visual Builder generated applications now use Oracle JET 5.2 libraries and components
    • Additional release information has been listed under the Visual Builder service update section below


    Log Analytics (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • You can now create custom fields and associate them with your parse expressions while creating a parser


    Security Monitoring and Analytics (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • New feature added to analyze SSH failed logins by viewing data of three main element using zones


    Visual Builder Cloud

    • Improvements have been made to Page Designer, Quick Starts, Action Chain editor, Artifact Browser & Security settings
    • Now improved support has been introduced for variables and types, business objects and connecting to services
    • Changes have been made to the configuration for mobile app build setting
    • Custom permission strings can be provided to replace the strings provided by VBCS for the mobile apps it builds for iOS
    • Web & mobile application templates have been updated to use oj-messages for modern UI & additional display options
    • In the Property Inspector you can now choose the resource bundle to use for storing a translation string
    • Git Tags are no longer used for keeping track of application sources. Commit SHAs are now used instead of tags


    See Oracle Cloud Platform Documentation for more details.