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    Luc Dekens
    Can we create an Application without the new Network...
    Topic posted July 15, 2018 by Luc DekensBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    Can we create an Application without the new Network features?
    In the current version when one creates an application, there is automatically some minimal network configuration added. Is it possible to bypass this feature, via the GUI ro via the REST API?

    The Create Application REST API seems to say that the caller can construct the 'network', but when using this parameter, the created application still contains the automatic basic network.
    The returned Application object does have a field named 'usingNewNetwork', but that is always set to True.
    And there doesn't seem to be an option to set this parameter to False in the call to the REST API.

    The reason for asking this option: in an automated build of an application, one would prefer to be able to always get the same result. With this automated addition of basic network functionality, the same result is not guaranteed.

    Mind, I do appreciate the new network feature, it is useful in 90% of my use cases. But I would prefer to have an option where I can select to use it or not. 



    • Simon Law

      Hi Luc,

      No, you cannot change it, this is always set to True, i.e. network is always included.

      Please can you explain what you mean by the same result is not guaranteed. What's the result that you are referring to? What is the functionality that was added to the basic network that you think could impact the result?



    • Luc Dekens

      Hi Simon,

      The reason for asking, when we automate the deployment of an application/environment, we need to completely control what goes in there. This for example will allow us to source control the configuration, and see the differences between subsequent versions.

      When the system adds routers, switches, DNS/DHCP servers.... that is beyond our control. And it is not captured in the configuration files. This is somewhat against the concept of SDDC.

      And ultimately, since Ravello decides what parameters/values these added objects have, the parameters/values can be changed in a future Ravello release, without the user knowing about it. That ultimately could result in a automated deployment of an application that is different, even though we used the same configuration file for the automated deployment.

    • Simon Law

      I see. I will provide your feedback to the product team.