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    Lakshmi Suvarchala Sarva
    Regarding Certification Program
    Topic posted September 14, 2017 by Lakshmi Suvarchala SarvaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Regarding Certification Program

    Can someone guide me about Field Service Cloud Certification program and through related material or practice tests to crack the exam



    OFSC 2017 august release



    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      While not having any experience with OFSC myself, I could give you some tips.

      1. Apply for a demo at (this will give you the opportunity to test ideas without having an angry supervisor disturbing you) :-)
      2. Apply for OPN (Oracle Partner) workshops, usually free of charge when doing online (depending on which level OPN your company has)
        These and other events can be found on the Oracle EMEA Partner Enablement Calender
      3. Participate in the Field Service Cloud forum board and pretend you are solving customer cases, this will not only improve your skills but also helps others :-)

      Hope this gave you some ideas :-)

    • Lakshmi Suvarchala Sarva

      Hi Sebastiaan,

      Thanks for your help in providing few ideas.

      Actually I have some hands on experience but not on all things like collaboration, message scenarios..Anyways Thank you I will implement your ideas in helping myself

      Actually what if my working company is not a part of OPN ad yes I am trying to gain knowledge from this forum which are really helpful.

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      You're welcome! :-)

      In case your company is not part of OPN you will still be able to attend these events, maybe against a fee.
      My advice in this is to contact your Oracle Clienst Success manager to obtain more information. If you don't know who your client success manager is I believe Oracle can find out for you by creating a service request.

    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Lakshmi,

      There is no separate proctored(Pearson Vue kind of exam) Oracle Field Service Certification exam for individuals as of now. If you have a partner account then you can give a competency test available online.


      Hardik Gupta

    • Lakshmi Suvarchala Sarva

      Hi Hardik,

      There is Pearson Vue Exam for Field Service Cloud and I found it in website.Once please check and confirm.



    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Svarchala,

      I checked Oracle website. Yes they now have Pearson Vue exam. This has been added quite recently then.

      Thanks for the info.


      Hardik Gupta


    • Lakshmi Suvarchala Sarva

      Hi Hardik,

      Yes, it was added recently, even I noticed so ;and could you help me out in this, can you please share your mailid since we can communicate further



    • Jeffry Husman

      Hi there,

      I've thought to use this existing thread about Certification topic. I just passed this Certification Exam Last week. The exam code is 1Z0-628.

      I was wondering if there is any special forums/groups dedicated for OFSC Implementation Specialist?




      • Lara Figueiredo

        Hi Jeffry,

        I am preparing for the exam but I haven't found any sample questions, did you have access to that type of material?

        Also may I inquire about your thoughts on the difficulty level of the exam? Do you think that the difficulty level is similar to the skill check at the end of each module of the learning path courses?



        • vithika pandya

          Hi Lara ,

          Did you got any sample paper/questions regarding the exam.

          It will be really grateful if you can share can types/difficult level of questions asked in exam or any sample questions.