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    Prakash Rajagopal
    Oracle Digital Assistant - initialization error
    Topic posted October 29, 2019 by Prakash Rajagopal, tagged Bots 
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    Oracle Digital Assistant - initialization error


    we are developing a ODA bot. But I am getting some error like " Something's gone wrong initializing the application, but we don't have enough information to tell you how to fix it. Try looking at the browser console for clues." when we are editing the skill or intent. Here the problem is we 2 people were working on the same skill. So can anyone please tell me whether 2 persons can work simultaneously on the same skill or only one person can work. Because when I was working alone in The skill I didn't get these errors. 




    • Grant Ronald

      yes in theory you can have two people working on the same skill - when do you get this error? Are you doing something specific that where the issue reproduces?

      I assume this is a production ODA instance?  What version?


      • Prakash Rajagopal

        We encountered this error by this afternoon.

        No, we were just doing some changes in the flow that's it nothing more and the version of ODA is 19.1.5-1907250026 and this is a Test Instance of our Customer 

    • Grant Ronald

      Is this happening on all bots on just this one?  What happens if you clone the bot and use the clone?  

      • Dharshan B

        We have clone it and tried.getting the same problem(Awaiting deployment loading for awhile)

        please find the below image for your ref.

    • Grant Ronald

      Ok its likely that there is something amiss with your instance -  I don't have the ability to look into your instance - please log and SR with Oracle Support and supply the details of the instance and the problem.  They will connect with the Engineering Ops team to check your instance.