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    Scott Heidenreich
    Custom objects or fields for attachments
    Topic posted November 6, 2019 by Scott HeidenreichBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Custom objects or fields for attachments
    How can I provide agents with the ability to mark selected attachments?


    We periodically need to export attachments from OSvC to our eDocument management system. Our agents that manage the attachments in OSvC need to be able to select only certain attachments from each incident for downloading, since there may be attachments that are not needed in the eDocument system.  I didn't see a way to create a custom field on the Attachment table, nor did I see a way to set up a relationship between a custom object and attachments.  So, how do I go about allowing agents to identify attachments without making them use the display name or description fields (I'm already using those for a different purpose)?






    • Colby Ross

      It is not possible to add additional fields to the attachments object.

      Do the agents who add attachments to incidents know which ones will need to be exported and which ones won't need exported?

      If so, you could create a CBO with the File Attachments attribute selected and create whatever fields you wanted to describe or set for the attachment/s. You could make it a child to the incident so it is a one incident to many object relationship. Then each time an agent wants to add an attachment to an incident, they just create a new object record, select the custom object values you created and add the attachment to the object instead of the incident. Then you could report on objects to incidents and filter on the CBO values for the attachment.

      If your agents are well trained, you might be able to get away with them attaching the attachments in groups to each CBO record. So you could train them to create two object records on each incident - one for attachments that need exported and one for attachments that don't need exported. This would be a little more efficient because it would allow the agent to add multiple attachments at once but would generalize attachments more as opposed to the first solution which would require fields be selected for each attachment. 

    • Scott Heidenreich

      Thank you for your suggestion. I thought about a solution similar to this, but it just rubs me the wrong way, because it is essentially re-engineering and replacing the native attachment function of OSvC, when Oracle should really allow proper management of attachments by offering the ability to tag them with additional fields and doing bulk downloads from reports. I'll have to give it some thought - I  might need to go this route if Oracle won't improve OSvC to allow for our own custom fields for the attachments object.

      Another thing that I keep getting requests for is being able to download multiple attachments at the same time, and the ability to send an attachment via email, when responding, for example, to a new incident being created that includes an attachment that was created when the incident was created.

    • Colby Ross

      Scott, what do you mean by this, " the ability to send an attachment via email, when responding, for example, to a new incident being created that includes an attachment that was created when the incident was created." A agent is able to select and send which attachments they want to in a response to back to the contact. 

      Have you seen this part of the documentation:

      • Scott Heidenreich

        I want to use Business rules to take an attachment that already exists for an incident and automatically attach it with a business rule email. For example, when an applicant uses OPA to submit an application - it creates an incident in our system and the business rules email out a response to the applicant to let them know we received the application - I want to be able to automatically attach the application file that was submitted through OPA to that email response sent by the business rules.

    • Colby Ross

      Ah, yes, that is one of the features not available in OSvC. I believe this is for security reasons.