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    Rommel Ben Vasquez
    Use of Configure to Order (CTO) Blank Purchase...
    Topic posted May 17, 2018 by Rommel Ben VasquezBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged How-To 
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    Use of Configure to Order (CTO) Blank Purchase Agreement
    How can we have a configured item purchased with the capability to select options.
    We are exploring the use of CTO Blanket Purchase Agreement. In our understanding, Purchasing Cloud can support negative amounts in a CTO flow. In this case, A standard model is ordered and the user select some options with negative Purchase price. For example, the user selects a configuration consisting of a standard desktop computer with 200GB HDD and 10GB RAM. The, select options which downgrades the HDD to 100GB and the RAM to 5GB. 
    In Purchasing Cloud, the lines would be appear as:
    •        Standard Desktop: $2000
    •        100GB HDD downgrade: -200
    •        5GB RAM downgrade: -100
    Net Price: $1700
    Upon Order, a PO line is created for $1700.



    • Ashok


      I will move this to the Purchasing area as it appears to be related to BPAs.

    • Manjula Evans

      Hi Rommel,

      Yes, what you have described is supported. POs for CTO items are created through the Purchase Request Web Service. There is some collateral related to the CTO process documented here (look under Advanced Fulfillment): https://cloud.oracle.com/saas/readiness?offering=order-management&version=r11

      This collateral doesn't go deep into the procurement setup, but rather, gives an overall picture. Please review and let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Kind regards,

      • Rommel Ben Vasquez

        Hi Manjula,

        Thanks for responding. I have the following set:

        1. Defined model item and its components

        2. Defined the structures

        3. Associated the items to child organizations.

        We have created a new agreement using the CTO BPA Business Style. From the screenshot, I can add the components. However, we could not add the Model. Likewise, we are not able to designate the Parent/Model Item on lines with the component item.

    • Rommel Ben Vasquez

      Just an update. As of date, it is not possible to make requisitions / releases directly against CTO Blanket Purchase Agreement.