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    Add a user permission to BI Reporting for sub Learncenter...
    Idea posted March 20, 2019 by Nancy RectorBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Public Sector, Reporting, Users 
    Add a user permission to BI Reporting for sub Learncenter only

    Add a user permission to keep BI reporting at the individual sub Learn Center only.  Ensure that data from one sub is not in reports from another if this permission is checked.  Have the option available to report globally or just at the individual sub level through permissions instead of adding filters for LCID in each report.

    Use Case and Business Need:

    We have muliple sub learncenters managed by different groups in our organization.  Each group administrator should not have the ability to report on another group's data.  We would like to ensure that from the co-owner level, we could restrict this through permissions instead of asking each group to add a LCID filter to their reports (especially for user data).