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    Kelly Cooper
    19A Update: Access Work Areas in Reorganized Navigator...
    Announcement posted February 13, 2019 by Kelly CooperGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Logistics, Manufacturing and Maintenance, Order Management, Procurement, Product Lifecycle Management, SCM, Supply Chain Planning 
    19A Update: Access Work Areas in Reorganized Navigator Groups and Group Icons in 19A

    To support a more consistent and logical grouping of Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud work areas, update 19A includes a reorganized Navigator, plus changes to the group icons on the home page.

    In 19A, a new Order Management heading in the Navigator and group icon on the home page includes the following work areas:

    •          Order Management
    •          Pricing Administration
    •          Global Order Promising
    •          Service Logistics

    A new Supply Chain Execution heading and group icon includes the following work areas:

    •          Work Definition
    •          Work Execution
    •          Maintenance Management
    •          Quality Management
    •          Inventory Management
    •          Cost Accounting
    •          Receipt Accounting
    •          Fiscal Document Capture
    •          Electronic Records
    •          Financial Orchestration
    •          Supply Orchestration


    In addition, the Supply Chain Collaboration work area has moved to the Supply Chain Planning heading and group icon, and the Collaboration Messaging work area has moved to the Tools heading and group icon.


    The Costing, Manufacturing, and Quality Management group headings and icons that appeared in previous updates are no longer available.