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    Defining Supplier Bank Accounts: Factor Accounts v/s Account...
    Topic posted March 29, 2019 by Aishwarya PawarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged FAQ, Supplier Profile Management, Tip 
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    Defining Supplier Bank Accounts: Factor Accounts v/s Account Owners
    When to use Factor Accounts and Account Owners

    Bank Accounts can be defined for suppliers at supplier, address or site level. While creating a bank account, you can use several fields to define the bank account such as the Bank, Branch, mark it as a Factor Account or add Account Owners etc.

    This note explains the significance of making a bank account a Factor Account or adding Account Owners. 2 different use cases drive these two functionalities.

    Factor Account: A bank account can be identified as a Factor Account, if the purpose of the bank account is to receive funds that are owed to the supplier, but are being collected on behalf of the supplier by the bank or a third party. The supplier receives payments from the funds collected, minus a commission. Once a bank account is defined as a Factor Account, it will be available to be added to any supplier 's profile. You can select an existing party to be the Factor. In the example below, Factor Tessier Ashpool is an existing party. 

    Once a bank account is made a Factor Account it cannot be updated to no longer be a Factor Account. Similarly, the Factor associated cannot be changed

    Account Owners: As part of the bank account definition, you can add other suppliers to the bank account of the current supplier as joint bank account owners. This is done if a supplier wants to share a bank account with another supplier on a need by basis and is not the same as a Factor Account. The bank account will be available to be added as a bank account for the other supplier on that supplier 's profile.


    A bank account defined as a Factor Account can be added as a Bank Account for any other supplier using the Select and Add action in the Bank Accounts table on the other supplier 's profile (at supplier, address or site level).

    A bank account that contains a supplier as an Account Owner can be added to only that specific supplier using the same Select and Add action as above.

    To illustrate: assuming the 2 bank accounts defined above are for supplier: Acme Corporation, they will be available to be added to supplier: Minuteman Supplies using the Select and Add action as shown below.

    NOTE: Third Party Payments available to be set up at supplier sites have a different functional purpose from Factor Accounts and Account Owners and are payments that you make to a supplier on behalf of another supplier.

    Refer to the following documentation for more details:

    Payments Security