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    Alan Rowland
    Supplier Portal - Creating Invoices w/Multiple Tax Rates
    Topic posted March 11, 2019 by Alan RowlandBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    Supplier Portal - Creating Invoices w/Multiple Tax Rates
    Ontario Requires Both GST & HST or just GST - How to Accomplish this in Supplier Portal

    We have a requirement to create invoices through the supplier portal for Ontario purchases with both GST and HST and GST only.  We've logged a SR w/Oracle Support; we were told that this is possible at the current time.  We imagine that other organizations have come across this scenario; we're wondering how it was handled.



    • Ed van Kessel

      Not sure what you mean  by GST and HST, and GST only, but this is all possible:

      CA FED regime with CA GST and CA HST taxes, tax rates of CA GST, CA HST, plus CA HST partial.

      You can use user-classifications to control when the partial amount applies.


    • nizamuddin M

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for replying,

      we can use User define Fiscal Classification in Ap invoice and on PO but when we want to use the same on supplier portal invoice page, we do not see User define Fiscal Classification available . and we Logged SR w/Oracle Support