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    Track Changes to Menu Fields and Custom Fields
    Topic posted November 19, 2019 by Eric SSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    Track Changes to Menu Fields and Custom Fields
    Track changes to Menu fields and Custom Fields

    We have a process set up that exports Incident and Contact data to our data warehouse for archiving and reporting. A number of the fields that are exported include Menu Fields and Custom Fields that have lookup lists. Some of the Menu Fields include Incident Queues, Chat Queues, Channel ID, Rule State and Status.

    We are looking for a way to be able to identify if new items are added to the Menu fields or Custom Menu Fields so that we are able to maintain the correct values for the lookup values in our data warehouse. 

    Is there a report that we can create to track changes to those fields and/or tables so that we can run a regular audit and ensure that these fields are updated correctly?