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    Aishwarya Pawar
    How to customize External Supplier Registration pages
    Topic posted June 29, 2018 by Aishwarya PawarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited June 29, 2018, tagged Customization, How-To, Supplier Registration, Tip 
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    How to customize External Supplier Registration pages
    A step by step guide to customize External Supplier Registration pages

    Process to access customization UI on External Supplier Registration pages is slightly different from the one followed for pages used by users internal to your organization.

    This topic explains how to access the UI and subsequently customize the External Supplier Registration page. As an example, we will modify the Instruction Text available on the Company Details train stop of the External Supplier Registration page.

    NOTE The steps below are also available in the attached PDF document: Customize External Supplier Registration Pages.pdf.

    A. How to access customization UI on External Supplier Registration pages

    1. Invoke the External Supplier Registration URL provided. NOTE: This URL is available on the setup task: Configure Procurement Business Function.
    2. Login as a user with the Procurement Application Administrator role. NOTE: You may see an error: The Supplier Registration page cannot be found. Check the URL and try again. This error can be ignored.
    3. Replace the URL with the External Supplier Registration URL retrieved in Step 1.
    4. Access Manage Sandboxes to create a new sandbox.
    5. Create a new sandbox and activate it. NOTE: Activating the sandbox, will take you to the Fusion Applications homepage or the springboard as it is commonly known. Simply replace the URL with the External Supplier Registration URL again like in Step 3.
    6. Navigate to the 'Customize Supplier Registration Pages' menu option available under the user menu on the top right of the page.
    7. Provide values for the mandatory fields Company, D-U-N-S Number, Tax Organization Type, Contact Information before proceeding ahead.
    8. Navigate to the Select tab on the customization UI.


    B. Modify instruction text on External Supplier Registration page

    1. After navigating to Select tab, click on the instruction text that you need to personalize. Clicking the instruction text will show Edit Component option.

    2. Click on the Edit Component option. To change the text of the instruction text, click on the arrow next to the Value field. From the list of options, click Override and then click Expression Builder to enter the new text as shown in following screen shots.





    3. Click OK to close the popup. Verify the changed instruction text on the Company Details page.

    4. Once the changes are final, you need to publish the sandbox so that the change is available to all the users.

      Point to consider:

      Use this page composer approach to change a string when you need the string changed for a page. If you need to change the string on all the pages across the application i.e. to reflect the change on all the pages that have this string used, use User Interface Text instead. Refer to earlier post 'How to edit an instruction text using User Interface Text feature?' for more details on User Interface Text.