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    Igor Touguinhó
    Grouping contents by work division and showing tasks only to...
    Topic posted December 6, 2018 by Igor TouguinhóRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited December 6, 2018, tagged Knowledge Advanced 
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    Grouping contents by work division and showing tasks only to right work division
    I need to show workflow tasks only to the correct group

    I have some groups on my company, like IT division, Marketing division, Legal division and more ..

    We have contents on our KA that are created by all of those divisions with some workflow steps.

    For example:

    My workflow is something like this:

    Step1 (Creation) -> Step2 (Revision) -> Step3 (Publish)

    When someone on IT division creates a content and starts the workflow, I need that only persons from IT division (that have access to Step2) can see this content on TASKS TAB. Because nobody from other divisions can approve this workflow step, only from IT division.
    Without this solution, someone on Marketing division can approve workflow's step from IT division contents.


    Today, I have created a lot of content types for each division, but this solution seems to be wrong besides being so much ugly, for example:

    • FAQ - IT division
    • FAQ - Marketing division
    • ...
    • ...

    If I have 1000 division on my company, I'll have to create 1000 content types from EACH content type (FAQ, NEWS, ...).


    How can I create only ONE content type and do this groups by division? Someone has the same problem and has the "correct" solution?

    KA 18C



    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Hi Igor.

      I had a similar problem in the past (years back) with the regular knowledge base. At that time I was unable to create a 'dynamic' report that would look at the queue and use this automatically in a filter so you could have one workspace only (or at least one report). I was always unable to get this working.

      If I would have to do this again I would look into the use of custom script (inside your report) and would try to set the report filter dynamically. I have not done this myself (yet) but there are some topics on this subject. This being one of them: Run time filter value in the analytics custom script.