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    Kyle Snay
    Sites down but no outages reported?
    Topic posted September 30, 2015 by Kyle SnayGold Crown: 30,000+ Points 
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    Sites down but no outages reported?

    About an hour ago I reported a site down incident on one of our sites that quickly triggered multiple reports from our users across many of our other sites that are impacted. Here's a partial list:

    When I check my Service Event Outages report I'm told there's nothing wrong:

    Obviously there's a disconnect so where should I be looking to get the correct information when these outages occur?



    • James Hanson

      I got an Oracle Service Cloud notification that there was an outage in the Data tier starting at 11:53 UCT ~ 6:30 cst and they said it was back up about 9:30 cst, but I'm still having users getting kicked out.

    • Kyle Snay
      James Hanson said:

      I got an Oracle Service Cloud notification that there was an outage in the Data tier starting at 11:53 UCT ~ 6:30 cst and they said it was back up about 9:30 cst, but I'm still having users getting kicked out.

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      Same here. In the last VCIO email I got about an hour ago it stated, "Hello Oracle Cloud User, Network connectivity has been resolved, but we are continuing to work on returning services to normal."

      They must have a different definition of “normal” b/c the sites are still down.

      It's been over 4 hours with sites down. Wouldn't Oracle have some sort of back-up measures in place to deal with this while they try to restore service? Of course the timing is excellent. One of of affected sites students can't submit applications to our graduate programs and the deadline to apply is this week. You can imagine the heat we're taking from this.


    • Kyle Snay

      Our sites appear to be back up but our users are still reporting that Chat is down.

    • James Hanson

      I fell your pain, luckily we've been able to remove chat from our site for the time being so our end user impact hasn't been too bad. I talk to another client  today and they said they haven't had any issues, so maybe we're just the lucky ones..

    • Rob Lynch

      Experiencing the same issue here.

      Service Event Outages = no issues
      VCIO = all services for all sites down.

      Our VCIO still shows all services being down for our production sites (w/test sites back up). However, for the past half hour or so agents/customers are reporting varying success with accessing the sites.

    • Kyle Snay

      Now all of our affected sites are at a Degraded status.

    • James Hanson

      We appear to be up and running normally now for the last 15 minutes or so.

    • Darsen Prasad

      Back after 4 hours outage..!!

    • Kyle Snay

      And yet throughout all of this the View Service Event Outages report showed there was nothing wrong. SMH.

    • Charlie Mopps

      Did you ever get an answer on this? We had the same sort of thing happen to us yesterday, and they won't tell us what happened. They wouldn't submit a VCIO, but then they said they performed some maintenance last night to fix it, and now wont tell us what the outage was about because there was no VCIO. I've no idea if whatever happened was actually resolved or not.

    • Erica (Leep) Anderson

      Hi Guys,

      First, I recognize it is very frustrating for you and your organizations to have your site go down and even more so, when you are getting inconsistent information about your site status. sad

      As you noted, there was a discrepancy between the information VCIO provided and the Service Event Outages info mentioned above. Based on your feedback, I started to do some investigating and wanted to provide you with an update:

      Service Event Outages are service issues reported by Technical Support when they become aware of a widespread issue that is affecting many cusotmers across a datacenter or product, so that you can receive notification of the issue and the resolution of related Service Requests can be more quickly reached and communicated to you. These Service Event outages provided to you proactively, so that you know that Technical Support is aware of the issue and is working to address it.  In other words, the information you see in the "Service Event Outages" are an enhancement to, not a copy of, the notifications you may receive from VCIO.

      Hope that helps clarify things for for you!

      Best regards,

      Erica, Community Manager

    • Charlie Mopps

      I think you're actually making our point for us. You've got 5 customers in this thread that all had the same issue, at the same time, on the same day. What exactly are the criteria for issuing an SEO?

      Are there any plans to move Rightnow support into the Oracle support structure any time soon?