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    Lydia Jayasingh
    Dynamic image in RTF template in BI report Oracle fusion
    Topic posted June 21, 2019 by Lydia Jayasingh, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Access & Manage Data 
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    Dynamic image in RTF template in BI report Oracle fusion
    BI Report should grab the signature in run time

    how to call image from content server in rtf template? 

    is there any way we can create RTF template without any image stored and also in run time it should pick the image ?




    • Senthilrajan Vaithianathan

      We had a similar requirement for dynamically calling a Logo based on particular Transaction's Business Unit and we were unable to call an image from content server for a BI Publisher report in Oracle Fusion Cloud Application.

      So implemented below solution,

      Created a Sub-template for storing all the Logo's and we are calling it from the main template based on the transactions BU,

      Fetching Logo from main Template:

      <?if:BUNAME='BU100'?><?call-template:SubTemplate1 Logo1?><?end if?>
      <?if:BUNAME='BU200'?><?call-template:SubTemplate1 Logo2?> <?end if?>


      Sub-Template (Adding pictures in Sub-template)

      <?template:SubTemplate1 Logo1?>

      Picture 1

      <?end template?>

      <?template:SubTemplate1 Logo2?>

      Picture 2

      <?end template?>


    • Sudhir Kolli


      Please review

      Business Intelligence Publisher On Oracle Cloud Users Are Unable To Access Images Uploaded To Universal Content Manager (UCM) Which Are Being Called In BI Publisher Reports (Doc ID 2386643.1)

      Oracle Fusion BI Publisher: How to use images dynamically in BI Publisher RTF template (Doc ID 2409855.1)