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    Sylvain Lemay CPA CA
    BPM Approval Groups maintenance
    Topic posted July 8, 2019 by Sylvain Lemay CPA CAGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Payables, Security, Setup / Administration, Tip, Update 
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    BPM Approval Groups maintenance
    Payable Approval using approval group with users assigned to the approval group for employee that have left the company

    We are using approval groups for approval of Invoices and also approval of payments

    Approval group are defined in BPM and employee are assigned in those approval group

    When a user leaves our company we deactivate the users but we forget sometimes to remove them from the approval group. They remain in the approval process and we can see it in the workflow

    We are trying to find other solution that assigning employee in BPM. Could we define a specific job (we are not using HR module) only defining the employee in Manage user and assign that job to the BPM approval process.

    With this we could build a query to check users that left the company and at the same time removing their role , inactivating the user/employee and would ensure that we update all of our data correctly

    What are you doing , any ideas for maintaining your employee/users when someone leave the company (user, employees, approval group, signing authority etc)?





    • Rohan Kamat

      Ideally , the approval groups are maintained for more than one user , for a single user , we source type as Resource  . Currently , dynamic approval groups is not supported and hence the challenge . We use approval groups with multiple users where they act as back-ups to each other in case of vacations . This helps in termination cases as well 

    • Mahesh Nelapati

      The easy option is to amend approval groups and BPM rule where necessary whenever the employ leave/terminate from the role.. however the notification fail if employee doesn't valid anymore.

      I don't think any other way, but would advise to check with Oracle as well.

    • Sylvain Lemay CPA CA

      Thanks for your input and ideas