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    Gaston van de Weijer
    AutoRouting: limit resource time
    Topic posted April 2, 2019 by Gaston van de Weijer, tagged Configuration, Dispatch Functionally, Resource Management, Routing / Optimization 
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    AutoRouting: limit resource time
    How do I limit the time of a resource to two random days?


    For the current support I'm providing, I have to enable AutoRouting in Field Service Cloud. I've got two types of resources: resources that for level 1 maintenance and level 2 maintenance. Since the L2 maintenance resources are more expensive, I can only use them for two days. It doesn't matter if that's a Mo-Tu, or Mo & Fr, or any other combination: just two days. L1 engineers have full availability and should be planned first.

    Is there any way that I can set this restriction? Help is much appreciated!






    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Gaston,

      This request has two almost separated aspect:
      - how to plan activities for a base where one person has shifts for all weekdays, but can work only for two days;
      - how to assign activities for mixed resources.

      The second is a much easier, because you can separate resources by weights and the expensive resource will get only activities when the cheaper full by Routing. Or exclude the expensive from Routing and manually assign activities for him/her (if the activities are movable between days then this will be the perfect option). For planning, I don't have a good idea, maybe you can select the two days in advance and plan those days for two resources (offer their time) and the other days offer only one resource time for activities.