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    Leomar Cortez
    Error event rule automatically reverts the original values...
    Topic posted July 2, 2018 by Leomar CortezRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited July 3, 2018 
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    Error event rule automatically reverts the original values of the fields


    I wrote a simple error rule that checks the sum of the instances:  Error ("The sum should be 100.") if InstanceSum(all instances of the bank account, the bank account percentage) <>100.  

    Actual behavior: the original values of the percentage fields are reverted after I click the Next button and the error message is displayed.  For example, if I changed the value of one field from 10 to 50, the value becomes 10 again after clicking Next button.  I do not like this to happen,

    What I want to happen: The error message should be displayed but the value should still be 50.  The user should be the one to update the fields. I do not want OPA to automatically undo the value I entered.  Is there a way to do this?  

    OPA 18A



    • Brad Tuckett

      I tried that rule (assuming it is suppose to end with "<> 100") but this didn't lose the percentage values when the error was triggered (same in 17D or 18B). 

      Can you provide more information about your screen - is the percentage a text input?

    • Leomar Cortez

      Sorry forgot the <> 100 at the end of the condition.  The field is a number.  Actually the error message is appearing as expected.  What I do not like is that the values I entered are undone.  What I want is for the values I entered to remain and then, as the user, I should be the one to make the corrections.

    • Brad Tuckett

      For me, the values do not change when the screen is shown with the error - in 17D, 18A or 18B.  Attached is my screen design.

    • Leomar Cortez

      Hi Brad, Upon further checking, the reason the values are changing is because of a default value I defined for the field.  Once the error rule conditions were satisfied, the default conditions were also satisfied.  So I just removed the default value rule and the values no longer change.  Thank you