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    Ratna Elete
    Steps/Prerequisites to Transfer Project Assets to Fixed...
    Topic posted August 30, 2019 by Ratna EleteBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Project Costing 
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    Steps/Prerequisites to Transfer Project Assets to Fixed Assets
    Steps/Prerequisites to Transfer Project Assets to Fixed Assets

    We have to transfer Project Assets to FA and tried the following and ran " Generate Asset Lines" but nothing gets picked up.

    1.  Entered an AP Invoice with Capital Project and task.

    2.  Imported the costs to Projects

    3.  Added Project Asset

    4. Ran " Generate Asset Lines" -- Nothing gets generated.

    Do capitalize projects/tasks get interfaced to FA?  I read it somewhere they don't but not sure.

    3rd party implemented Project Costing and now it doesn't work... I know I dont' have all the details but wondering if there are any whitepapers/suggestions that can help us.










    • Wallace Bartlett

      Ratna, double check that the asset has been placed in service. If not, 1. Change Project Asset Type to “As-built" and 2. Enter the "Actual in-service date".

      Double check too that all of the required asset details have been entered.

      Lastly, the output of the processes should point you in the direction of how things were processed and why/why not they are in the state they are in.