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    Master Item- Import Items from multiples Systems
    Topic posted April 21, 2019 by DIEGO SCHENQUERMANBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud, SCM, White Paper 
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    Master Item- Import Items from multiples Systems
    Master Item- Import Items from multiples Systems

    I need to interface items from different systems and each system has different item numbers.

    I could have the same item number in different system and those are not the same item.


     Item number 123 = Pen (system = 1)

    Item number 123 = Paper 8 x 11 (System  =2)

     We are planing to import items and PO from those system. The PO's interface includes the Item # so I don't know what to do.

     I want to keep the item number but the item number is unique. If i change the item number from one system, I need to develop some logic in the PO interface to get the new item number.



    • Shyam Lakshman

      From Product Hub perspective these are two unique items and hence they need to have different item numbers. Using the spoke system reference capability you can keep track of the item number used in the spoke system.  You can use this to develop some logic to populate the PO interface with the correct item number.