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    Sonny Giannavola
    Supplier Portal
    Topic posted November 2, 2017 by Sonny Giannavola 
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    Supplier Portal
    Implementing Supplier Portal
    1. Do we have a complete separation of supplier data vs customer financial and employee data in database schema? 
    2. What options do we have for managing user accounts via IAM process hosted via Oracle Cloud? This will remove the need for SSO login via LDAP connection back to customer.
    3. Can we issue a completely different URL for supplier portal? This would eliminate the idea of white list to manage the ever-changing list of suppliers public IP address space.



    • Ramesh Bomma

      Hi Sunny,

      Please find answers,

      1. Supplier when accessing Supplier Portal they will have restricted access than the Financial users have, if you can list on any functional flow then i can advise if supplier user has access or not.

      Supplier User using Supplier Portal can do following

      - Create Invoice

      - Review Orders and Change Orders

      - Create ASN

      - But they dont have functionality to make the changes to Supplier details

      2. basically Supplier users are created when the Supplier contact is created

      When creating contact if customer chooses create User account this will be created in OIM

      3. Supplier portal which is accessed by Supplier Users Externally will have a different URL this can be found in the Configure Procurement Business Functions Setup page



    • Yadhunath Srinivasamurthy



      Is it possible to change the URL on a cloud based instance , the URL is auto populated as I see it now ?