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    Marko Knezevic
    Inactive Qualification Areas
    Topic posted May 2, 2019 by Marko KnezevicBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged FAQ, How-To, Qualification, Qualification Area 
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    Inactive Qualification Areas
    How to remove inactive qualification areas from LOV Qualification Name in Research Suppliers


    During testing phase, on our test instance we have created many qualification areas.
    How to remove these qualification areas (they are now inactive) from the LOV field Qualification Name at the Research Suppliers Page?

    Thank you,





    • Angie Ni

      Hi Marko,

      On the Research Suppliers page, what you have seen from the Qualification Name field is by design. Because if an area is now inactive, it was active before and there could be qualifications created earlier for that area. And the qualifications could still be active and users should still be able to search for those names. Besides the Qualification Name is an LOV and you can do wild card search for any qualification names there. 


      • Marko Knezevic

        Hi Angie,

        It would be really good if we could at least select the values for the LOV for users to see when clicking the Qualification Name.

        This way, it really makes a mess. In my example I have created and activated the Qualification Area which was immediately inactivated because I had misspelled the name. I have immediately created another QA with the correct name and they are both seen by users which confuses them.

        This Qualification Name LOV is seen also in Negotiations => Suppliers => Search and Add and in SQM Create initiative => Suppliers => Search and Add.

        Is there any workaround to make this happen?

        I have attached the image for you to see.