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    Matyas Kiss
    How to auto-import invoices into AP Module from excel file
    Topic posted August 26, 2019 by Matyas KissBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Financials, Payables, Reports 
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    How to auto-import invoices into AP Module from excel file
    How to auto-import invoices into AP Module from excel file


    We're getting an excel file (CSV format only) with several invoices from a Supplier on a weekly basis. This Supplier is not able to issue the invoice in any other format than csv or pdf , so we are looking for the possibility to import automatically these invoices directly into Oracle without human intervention if is possible. 

    The "Import invoices from Spreadsheet" is not working due to the excel format we getting.

    Could you please share some better ideas ?


    Fusion 19B



    • Becky Alvarez

      For the PDF file, suppliers can email directly to you and the system can process via the Automated Invoice Processing feature if you have subscribed to that.  As for you csv files, you will have to do some work on the file to get it convert it to the proper FBDI or other API format as our users have done for years with our on-Premise and Cloud products.  You can automate all of this but you have to do the initial piece of taking the csv and sending it to a "staging area" converting the information to the desired API format, let's say populate the FBDI file, then use the SOAP Integration Service to pick up the file once it is ready and import into Cloud AP and notify the proper roles if there are issues or when the import is complete.

      Bottom line is that AIP will take the PDF invoice file (as long as the PDF is just the one invoice and just an invoice in the PDF) without any adjustment or human intervention and import it into AP.  For the csv, your implementation partner should be able to confirm that no Oracle Financial application (EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE, etc.) will take the file without first doing some sort of conversion to the proper format for import into the application.  That has been my experience too during my 15 years of consulting as well.  However, that conversion can be automated so that the entire process can be automated you just have to do your part an then let our Integration Services do its part.


      • Matyas Kiss

        Hi Becky,

        Thank you very much for this useful comment. Could you please let me know how can we subscribe for the "Automated Invoice Processing" ?


        • Karthikeyan Sukumar

          Hi Matyas

          I agree with Becky.The Automated Invoice Processing a.k.a Imaging process.Where you need to procure an imaging server/login for yours once everything is set.You can start sending the PDF copies to the dedicated email ID and schedule the Import payables process to load the invoices in the system.Attached the Oracle Invoice Imaging document which layered instructions of processing



    • Becky Alvarez

      That would be a question for sales.  You can call you Sales Account Manager or Customer Success Manager or just go to Cloud.Oracle.Com and look for a chat icon or a number to reach sales if you don't have either of those.