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    Subbarao Medicharla
    Planning Central Cloud Vs ASCP & Demantra
    Topic posted May 5, 2017 by Subbarao MedicharlaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Demand Management Cloud, Integrated Business Planning 
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    Planning Central Cloud Vs ASCP & Demantra
    Topics covered in Planning central includes all functionalities in ASCP and Demantra


    I would like to know Planning central covers all the functionalities available in  Oracle -ASCP and Demantra modules.

    Demantra and ASCP are planning modules and covers many niche areas such as CTO planning,service parts planning and various forecasting methods. I would like to know how far Demantra functionalities are part of Planning central.








    • Matt Johnson


      Planning Central is a modern demand and supply planning solution that's built from the ground up for the Cloud. It is suitable on its own for companies that have basic planning needs. It's a major upgrade for planners who currently rely on spreadsheets or an MRP system.

      Planning Central's focus is on tight integration and ease-of-use. It does not include all the capabilities of ASCP and Demantra. However, it does handle some advanced features, such as planning configure-to-order and contract-manufactured items. You can learn more about Planning Central's feature details by reading the data sheet on

      In SCM Cloud Release 13, we plan to introduce a greatly expanded set of Supply Chain Planning Cloud solutions. These include full-featured Demand Management Cloud, Supply Planning Cloud and Sales and Operations Planning Cloud services. Once again, though, there are differences between these new Cloud solutions and the on-premise ASCP and Demantra applications. See the recently-posted New Feature Summary for details.

    • Kelly Cooper

      The Rel13 What's New is now posted on  That will list out the new features being introduced in this release.