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    Adriana Coronel
    How can I get notifications on Facebook when I answer an...
    Topic posted February 28, 2019 by Adriana Coronel, tagged Configuration 
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    How can I get notifications on Facebook when I answer an incident?
    I do not see notifications on Facebook when answering an incident

    When I generate an incident from Facebook it is created correctly and I can see everything in the Agent's portal. At the time of answering, I can not see a notification on Facebook that tells me that I was answered, but I can see the answer if I am constantly monitoring the incident's history.

    Can this be done? What facebook notify me when my incident was updated / answered?

    I know that by email if a notification arrives, but my client needs this requirement.





    • Thiyag

      Hi Adriana, 

      The system just work the normal way, like when you receive a comment for your post or a post on your page you will get notification.

      If that is pushed from SRM to OSvC, the agent will get notification on the assignment. I don't think the expected functionality is available OOTB.


    • Thiyag

      Move it to the appropriate forum to get more response and visibility from others

    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Because IMO this isn't an OFSC related topic.