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    Anand Raj
    Regarding Release 17.2.1 (V4.0) — April 2017
    Topic posted April 10, 2017 by Anand RajRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited April 25, 2017 
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    Regarding Release 17.2.1 (V4.0) — April 2017
    Regarding Release 17.2.1 (V4.0) — April 2017

    Hi All ,

    I am facing an issue with Custom Api after the "Release 17.2.1 (V4.0) — April 2017"  .

    Issue Faced


    I am having a third party server , say http://<IP : port>/hrmsservices/<worklist/absenceCompetencyAction> . Created connector api using the IP address .  I am getting responses from the connector api . Then i created custom api . 

    When i added a number of endpoints in the same connector api and uploaded the zip file to MCS , I am getting success response from the custom api also for those endoints that i have added at the time of Custom API creation .

    Issue comes when i and another or a number of endpoints to the same custom API . The error that i am getting is


           "type": "",

            "status": 404,

           "title": "API not found",

           "detail": "We cannot find the API *****/1.0 for the provided URL path /myprofile/employment. Verify your request parameters and try again.",

           "o:ecid": "005JCyrxvLGA9T3_Rll3id0004M900002n, 0:3",

           "o:errorCode": "MOBILE-57945",

           "o:errorPath": "/mobile/custom/*****/myprofile/employment"


    ( I have added the endpoints  the custom api for the newly added APIs)

    I have noticed some new files in the " Javascripts scaffold " like " swagger.json , " , " toolsConfig.json " and " *****.raml ". 

    toolsConfig.json , swagger.json contains details about the endpoints that added for the first time during the api creation and the details of the endpoints that added later is not present .

    Could anyone please tell me how to solve this issue ? Is there any documents available for the changes after  the Release 17.2.1 (V4.0) — April 2017 .

    Thanks in Advance