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    Ed van Kessel
    Cannot find my PO in My Receipts
    Topic posted March 10, 2019 by Ed van KesselRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Agreements, Create Requisition, Requisition Processing 
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    Cannot find my PO in My Receipts
    BPA with line items referring to inventory items, Create requisition through Self-Service and automatically processes. I cannot query the receipt.

    I have created a BPA of line items, referencing item numbers from our item master.  I have no problem purchasing the item through Self-service procurement.  The purchase order has the requestor, is direct delivery, is an expense type, user has Receiving Agent with the data access to the home organization, the deliver to location is tied back to the home organization.

    I still cannot query the receipt in My Receipts.

    My one concern is that the requisition line Deliver-to Location type is "Internal"

    I have a CRP tomorrow and need an answer on this as soon as possible.  I have a SR open with Support, but I am not getting my answer.

    Any help would be appreciated.




    • Ed van Kessel

      I have posted a couple sample screenshots.

      As a test, I added a new line to my existing BPA that included a description-only with price and UOM.  Then I created a requisition for this new item and one of the existing items.  In My Receipts, I can only see the non-item line.

      This looks like it has to do with receiving against BPA lines with an item number.

    • Ed van Kessel

      Happy to report that I have resolved this myself.  As it turns out the item was marked as serial tracking.  SSP does not support receiving for serial tracked items, even when it goes to an expense location.


      I hope somebody else will find this useful one day.